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Johnny Crome X Cosine = PORN$TAR


or just listen on youtube.


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Istandard X Rockwellbeats

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I’m Back!

Prepare for the re-launch of coming spring 2010!!!
This year is already starting off to be a major one and this will be your #1 source to find out what’s new!
Brand new music, videos, and more! Stay tuned.

On March 16th I’ll be taking part in Istandard Producer Showcase

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Paasky & Sanchez Pics from Live shows

From Blue Nile/Soundclash 2 Show (11/14) and Dragon’s Den show (11/18)
As always visit or add them on Facebook at P&S’s Facebook Page.

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MURS Meet + Greet at Loyola U. New Orleans (Pics)

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I would buy a ZUNE if…

If I had a PC.

If I didn’t have an Ipod.

If I needed an MP3 player.

I’ve had a few chances to play around with ZUNEs and can honestly say, I would buy one if I had the chance.  In reality, it is hard to compete with the Itunes/Ipod double knockout, but Microsoft and ZUNE do a very commendable job.  The video player is excellent.  The look and feel of the ZUNE player is superb.  My only gripe, like many is that it is not ‘open.’  By this I mean, millions of people that download music on Itunes cannot use the Zune, let alone use it with a Mac.  Now that Intel chips are in everything: Macs, PCs, cell phones… Don’t you think its time for ZUNE to open up?  These are just my random thoughts.

If I was a PC user, I would definately get:

HP touch PC, ZUNE, and use Amazon to download my music (wait I do this anyways!)
OH YEA, Check out the Murs custom Zune player, Pretty Sick (they’re giving one away at the MURS meet+Greet at Loyola!)

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the new Music Industry.  If you have been under a rock for the past few years, Rappers are doing deals with Mountain Dew, Tours are being supported by Ipod Rivals, and Diddy has his own Vodka.  This indeed is the new music industry.  The question still remains how underground and unknown music artists can take advantage of corporate sponsorship.  Yes, artists like the Cool Kids have struck deals with EA Sports, Rhapsody, and Mountain Dew,  But they have been expanding their online empire for a couple years now.


MURS, underground hip hop legend-turned-major-label-signee, will be having a meet and great at Loyola University in New Orleans today.  Expect full updates tomorrow with pictures, audio, and video!


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Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations)


Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations) (Produced By Just Blaze)
Just Blaze and Jay Electronica are a deadly combination.
Hopefully Jay will have more luck working with him than Saigon ! ha!

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Good Idea/ Bad Idea (1)

Just introducing ya’ll to a new post I’ll be doing once a week.
I promise not to get too political, but here’s the jist.
This one’s short and SWEET~!
GOOD IDEA: Voting Early on Election Day 2008
BAD IDEA: Using the enormous lines as an excuse not to vote!

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