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BOLO BOLO: Speak your Music + Sixty Days of Grind

BOLO means Be On The Lookout …
This is a new section i’ll do every week that will hip you to sites, people, etc. that are up and coming and that I’m hip to.

Eric Phillipson and I met while I was working (very briefly) as a College Rep for Atlantic Urban.
We both left Atlantic and have moved onto to our own projects- I’ve started and started managing artists, etc. and he’s started like 18 sites. To me he’s a music entrepreneur/motivational speaker and that’s why he’s featured in this BOLO BOLO section.
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3 main philosophies::: Educate, Motivate, and Unify
Destroying Fake Grinders
Setting Goals
“there is no perfect time.” “it’s all about your follow through!”

Posted by: rockwellbeats | November 3, 2008

Cory Gunz says he’s “ready”

Straight for his mouth:
“I’m happy to be here at a good, terrific stage in my life. I think I’m at a show and prove stage. At some point in peoples careers, they find this point to be pressured. But I’m ready- I’ve never been this ready before.”
From an interview at Big Boot radio/Crescent City Radio. Also talks about upcoming projects, Shaq/Koby diss, and spits a quick freestyle.
Big Boot Interview + Freestyle
Cory Gunz’ Myspace

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More Interviews?! …YES!

I may be putting up more interviews soon.  These are not hopes/dreams… these are in the works.

On the list

1) Curren$y

2) The Knux

3) The Cool Kids

4) Q-Tip

5) Devin the Dude + Coughee Bros.

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Drumma Boy Interview!

Part 1: The Past

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with hit making platinum uber producer Drumma aka Drumma Boy at Patchwerk Studio in ATL.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

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The Case for Hiphop and Rock (pt. 1)

Culture War or Collaboration?
5 years ago a rocker would not get caught dead in a fitted new era cap.
5 years ago a hiphopper would not get caught dead in tight fitting Levis.
While this is simply fashion, its pretty much representative of the soundscape that exists today. It also hints at what could become.
Who are some of the pioneers? Who is doing the best collabos? What are the classic songs?
Lets take a brief look at Rap/Rock collaborations over history via youtube.
Jay Z and Chris Martin – Lost Remix

Kanye West and Chris Martin – Homecoming

Some band from Upstate NY -Gym Class something something…

Ashamed to say it, but Limp Bizkit is part of all this too…

Politics + Great band + angry militant lead singer/MC = Rage

Politics + great band + angry militant lead singer/MC = Public Enemy/Anthrax

Faith No More – Epic

Beastie Boys take on 80’s hair bands, dumb promoters, and a lot of beer

Basically the song that started it all…

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Birdman and Slim go on trial for the Ganj!

Things are not going well for New Orleans own Baby aka Birdman aka Bryan Williams.

In the past week he’s been sued by a concert promoter for no-showing at a November ’07 N.O. show.

And now this… a pound of weed… in an RV.  Cuz they can’t drive.

New Orleans’ own, ladies and gentlemen!

I’m really not surprised rappers talk about their lawyers so much, but if they fucked up less I think they could save some money and be a little happier.

Especially in this economy.


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As if anyone had any question? T.I. to debut #1

HipHopDX Reports

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The most Amazing singers on Youtube, Ever


Tim and April Lane, representing Atlanta, GA (rumor is there is two other videos of Tim and his brother, Stephen, doing two original duets!)

Tim Lane singing You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Tim Lane sings Hirai Ken’s Omoiga kasanaru

Tim Lane singing Dance with my father. A tribute to Luther Vandross

April Lane singing Take a Bow

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HiphopDX finally releases the REMIXTAPE ft. Rockwell

HipHopDx Presents We Invented the Remixtape

Yea…. They said it would be out in April… Good job guys. And you wonder why all the reviews say its wacK!? The songs are from late 07. Remixes done in late 07/early 08 and now they expect people want to listen to 10 month old radio hits remixed?! GTF

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