Posted by: rockwellbeats | November 17, 2008

I would buy a ZUNE if…

If I had a PC.

If I didn’t have an Ipod.

If I needed an MP3 player.

I’ve had a few chances to play around with ZUNEs and can honestly say, I would buy one if I had the chance.  In reality, it is hard to compete with the Itunes/Ipod double knockout, but Microsoft and ZUNE do a very commendable job.  The video player is excellent.  The look and feel of the ZUNE player is superb.  My only gripe, like many is that it is not ‘open.’  By this I mean, millions of people that download music on Itunes cannot use the Zune, let alone use it with a Mac.  Now that Intel chips are in everything: Macs, PCs, cell phones… Don’t you think its time for ZUNE to open up?  These are just my random thoughts.

If I was a PC user, I would definately get:

HP touch PC, ZUNE, and use Amazon to download my music (wait I do this anyways!)
OH YEA, Check out the Murs custom Zune player, Pretty Sick (they’re giving one away at the MURS meet+Greet at Loyola!)



  1. Mac support should be there and I do believe it will be there, but you can’t blame Apples DRM on Microsoft.

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