Posted by: rockwellbeats | September 14, 2008

Is Currensy the Next Up in New Orleans?

As many of you should already know, New Orleans is not lacking in talent. Especially when it comes to the culinary arts, the brass band arts, and the spittin’ arts.

The Hot Spitta A.K.A. Currensy is an industry vet who was signed with New Orleans’ two largest record labels No Limit and Cash Money/Young Moola. Always left to play second fiddle in each label- featured artist with 504 Boyz (Wobble Wobble anyone?) and featured artist to You Know Who. Neither label seemed to fit his true persona, it seemed in order to fit in with each label’s majority he had to adjust his flow/style…. Currensy-… (Addiction Remix)

Next Up in the N.O. - Paasky & Sanchez with Currensy

Next Up in the N.O. - Paasky & Sanchez with Currensy

But its no surprise that after a series of amazing mixtapes,(can you say Fear and Loathing in New Orleans?) he has garnered a huge amount of publicity and buzz in the blogosphere. His last mixtape FIN (why, Currensy, why?), is set to drop soon.
I believe Currensy has a chance to go further than he is currently. He’s affiliated with Fly Society, a skate-inspired clothing line/crew that includes skater Terry Kennedy. However, Currensy’s recent push with his once-a-month mixtape reveals that Currensy is not getting any younger (I believe he’s 28) and in a culture obsessed with youth it is hard to hide your age, even when you look really young. With all that aside I’m co-signing Currensy as one of the next up in New Orleans (and the world), but also pointing out some cats that Currensy himself is co-signing- Paasky & Sanchez.

Download their debut Mixtape

More Info on P&S to come.



  1. hey booo…:)
    when is the next concert?

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